Strategies For Upcoming Artists On Social Media

Strategies to Make People Aware of Your Music

       Youtube is a helpful platform that can assist in making your music known. Have your music play in an advertisement or have Youtubers use your music in their videos. There are creative ways you can introduce your music on Youtube. For example, in 2007 Justin Bieber was discovered on Youtube. Keeping up with social media and providing the public with alluring titles and thumbnails will lead to more views. Optimizing your channel by applying keywords, creating interesting videos, and engagement with viewers will increase following. Live streaming can be a creative outlet for you to advertise yourself and make yourself known to a wider audience.

Utilize Popular Social Media Platforms

      Reach out to individuals by using social media for advertising that people love.  People are attracted to an artist who keeps up with the latest trends and that people can relate to. For example, in 2019 a girl named Lyn Lapid received over 50 million views on a song she wrote on TikTok called Mr.Producer Man and signed to republic records. As an artist having a connection with your fans is important. By being involved in different social media platforms, you are advertising yourself for opportunities with record labels, fans, and exposure. 


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